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MY FITNESS Pilates Academy Instructor Course

MY FITNESS Pilates Academy Instructor Course [button color="blue"...

Singapore World Water Day – 16 March 2013

MY FITNESS together with intheloop, is sponsoring the PUB organized Singapore World Water Day...

World Yoga Day – 24th February 2013

MY FITNESS presents Boxing Yoga At East Coast Park (near Big Splash) 1.30pm -...

  • I had not been to Pilates in a long time, but following surgery on both knees in August 2015, and not being able to return to full on cardio exercise, I contacted the My Fitness studio see what classes they offered. They explained that while they teach Pilates, they could also focus on my specific rehabilitation, and so I signed up for the one on one classes. The team took time to understand my surgery and slowly but surely worked with me to not only rebuild the strength in my knees and legs, but also improve my all over strength, flexibility, and posture, especially bad from years of long hours working at a desk.I’m a pretty impatient person, and when frustrated by my own weakness and struggles with some exercises May and the team continued to remain patient and encouraged me to keep going. The routines were never the same and used different equipment, which was brilliant at keeping it always interesting and not knowing what exercise would come next! A year on and I am much stronger, flexible and my overall posture has improved. So no matter what your current level of fitness is, I would fully recommend if you join My Fitness you will see and feel the improvement their teaching Pilates can bring. A big thanks to May and all the team at My Fitness! ☺

    Sarah Harris - Award: MY FITNESS Best Results 2016
  • I was introduced to Pilates the past 10 years since 2004 and it was May Yang who inspired me to take up this exercise when I attended the trial session. Over the years, I have indeed benefited a lot from this exercise. Now, I am more flexible, with stronger arms, lower back strength and a more toned body compared to peers of my age. Pilates classes with May is never the same routine. Despite practicing it for so many years, every class poses a new challenge to improve on my weaknesses. In other words, the learning curve never reaches a plateau. I enjoy the personalized classes offered by MY FITNESS and the size of the class is just right for interaction with the instructor and the classmates, making me look forward to attend every class enthusiastically. Thumbs up to all instructors at MY FITNESS and Thank you for your efforts to help me become fitter!

    June Tan - Award: MY FITNESS Top Loyalty Member 2013
  • I had a very bad back problem for last 6-7 years. I have been visiting a chiropractor for 4-5 years now. These visits helped me but the pain would come back after a few weeks. The daily chores became difficult due to this nagging pain. I decided to start with Pilates after seeing no other solution. I did not want to rely on medicines. I stepped into “My Fitness”, very apprehensive as I had never exercise before. I was also worried about making my back worse. I told my problem to May and Nisa. They recommended Pilates Reformer. This was in July 2013, Nisa and Shankar started my training. Now, by March 2014, my back pain is next to nothing, I can cycle and do all the chores. I can sit on the floor too which was a “NO” earlier.   I would like to thank the wonderful team of “My Fitness”, especially Nisa and Shankar. They are very patient and good at motivating me. There were several occasions when I gave up. I see myself working out with “My Fitness” as long as I can.

    Ritu Sekhsaria - IT Consultant
  • I joined My Fitness in Jan 2013 so this makes me almost 1 year old! Over the many months of personal training in Pilates, I feel that my core has strengthened; I am more conscious of my posture in particular as I have a tendency to "slouch" and am more flexible. The friendly & helpful team at My Fitness makes the visit a pleasant one even though the training (it changes so that you exercise & stretch different parts of your body) is not always easy.. and I actually look forward to each PT! Thank you & all the best for 2014

    Soo Imm -
  • Our New Year resolution has always been to get into a better shape but we never really got down to doing it. With both of us having sedentary lifestyles, we see a need to exercise to improve our overall health, reduce our stress as well as fatigue. That is why we chose My Fitness as the best choice to help us achieve our resolution. We enjoy the personal training sessions that My FITNESS offers. All the instructors and staff are friendly, helpful and more than willing to share their expertise thus making us feel very comfortable and motivated. We can definitely feel the results in the past 1.5month since we joined and we are looking forward to achieving a fitter, healthier self.

    Mei Ying and Sara -
  • A great little studio with an informal buzz which has done wonders to improve my overall fitness, flexibility and posture. I thoroughly enjoy the friendly classes with top-rate instructors who are great at gently pushing to strive just that little more, whether that all too elusive stretch or that painful core training.

    Philippe -
  • My wife and I have been clients of MY FITNESS for 6 months and the results speak for themselves. We have both lost weight, gained core strength and most importantly, we feel great! I fly a lot for my business and as a result, I used to have chronic backaches. Now, with my back and core muscles toned, I fit better in my clothes! Lisa, Shankar and May Yang, thanks for bringing our health back! Regards

    Carl and Jessie -
  • It’s undeniable – ever since participating in Pilates classes at MY FITNESS, both mine and my mother’s physical capabilities have greatly improved. My Fitness diffuses motivation through different mediums – their affable instructors, effective training regimes and consequently, a warm and inclusive environment. As such, our weekly pilates classes are attended with alacrity and enthusiasm. The greatest blessing of all, I feel, has been awarded in the form of self-confidence, of feeling undeniably comfortable in my own skin. [spacer]

    Sabrina & Nicole Foo -
  • A wonderful cozy boutique Pilates studio where you can get an intensive and effective workout. Pilates have helped strengthen me, improved my core and increased my stamina. It's also a great complement to the rest of my other exercises. Regards

    Su Shan -
  • I have developed strength and muscle tone since becoming a client at MY FITNESS. I feel stronger and have noticed a huge difference in my posture in how I carry myself. The trainers are enjoyable to work with and have challenged me to meet my potential. It is without hesitation that I recommend My Fitness for achieving your own personal fitness goals.

    Patti -
  • MY FITNESS gave us a different perspective to what fitness, general health and well-being is all about. Just a few months, we are already reaping the benefits, feeling more energetic and the training has definitely strengthened our body making us feel stronger and younger. With our newfound confidence, we would definitely recommend learning Pilates at MY FITNESS. Give yourself a chance and you will soon reap the benefits. Best Regards

    Shaun & Alice -

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